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A new type of video streaming service

Dropin is a startup based in LA and provides a drone-powered video streaming service for the insurance sector.

The company launched in 2015 and is seeking to change the way insurance companies process claims with its innovative use of drones in appraisals and it provides live video streaming services to assist insurance companies in appraising claims. In the most simple case, someone who has been in a car accident will contact their insurance adjuster who can interview the drivers and appraise the damage right on the spot viewing the damage through the driver's smartphone.

Overhead property appraisal or surveying a disaster area for damage appraisal is where the use of UAVs comes in. Utilising a team of drone operators – a network of 1,100 licenced operators all over the US – who travel to the site to operate the drone, equipped with a camera or even smartphone camera, and then trasnmit the video and pictures back to the insurance company.

The use of drones in this sector will lead to improvements in claims management and a decrease in fraud, which, according to the Insurance Information Institute, amounts to 10% of property and casualty insurance losses each year, amounting to $32 billion losses. Drones surveying an property can create accurate 3D models for better comparison with its condition after an incident, and also simply to increase the speed of the compensation process, providing much greater customer satisfaction.