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Robotics Law Journal - Volume 1, No. 4

January/February 2016

Robotics poised for new era as US prepares to publish drone rules. The robotics sector moves into a new era in 2016 when the US's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues its rules for the flying of drones.

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Robotics Law Journal - Volume 1, No. 2

September/October 2015

Change in direction in the air for drone regulators. The Swedish Transport Agency - one of the most experienced drone regulators in the world - has hinted that it could move away from requiring all commercial flights to be licensed and instead use a more risk-based system which makes no distinction between private and commercial use.

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Robotics Law Journal - Volume 1, No. 1

July/August 2015

Both in-house and professional practice lawyers are expected to be consulted in large numbers as the market for drones, driverless cars, AI, virtual reality and other forms of robotics develops. Robotics Law Journal, the new title from The Global Legal Post, covers the development of national and international regulation and also aims to help lawyers and regulators to frame the regulation as it develops.

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